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Transaction Status And Response Codes

Transaction Status

You can refer to transaction's status codes from the following table.

Status Status Description
SUCCESS Transaction Success
PENDING Transaction Pending
CANCELLED User cancel transaction
TIMEOUT Transaction Time Out or Expired
DECLINED Transaction is declined by payment providers
ERROR Miscellaneous errors(such as BILL_COLLECTION_FAILED, INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE, ACCOUNT_LOCKED, Max invalid OTP, Max Daily Transaction limit reached on wallet)
For more details, please refer to transaction message in merchant dashboard in transaction detail.
SYSTEM_ERROR System or Transaction error by payment providers
SETTLED Payment is already settled by Dinger.

Response Codes

You can refer to API response codes from the following table.

Response Codes Response Description
000 Success
012 Cannot decrypt! Please check you encrypt correctly with correct method and key!
013 Cannot authenticate! Please check and correct your merchant name, project name or full merchant api key!
014 Invalid Total Amount!
015 Order Id is already existed!
016 Please activate provider and method name in dashboard
102 Invalid request parameters (eg. Please include email , bill city or bill address for visa, master, jcb)
401 Token Expire
017 Request Failed! (Due to System or Network error)
018 Total amount is more than limitation
019 Name is too long!
020 Total amount is less than minimum amount